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Unprecedented efficiency.
Uptime beyond work hours.
Full charge in seconds.

The advantages are endless. Designed from ground up to tackle the incredible pressure of logistics business, our Material Handling Fuel Cell lines offer competitive advantage like no other.

Tight timeline, unpredictable order peaks, space and cost constraints… these are just a tip of an iceberg of the dynamics of the logistics business and the pressure that is put upon the workers and their equipment to meet the demands.

Our fuel cell offers a solution to all that had never been seen before in the world. Because we specialise in production of the largest capacity DMFC system in the world, our material handling powerpacks can provide benefits to unprecedented level while effectively managing many challenges faced by traditional solutions.

Highest Energy Density

Lead Acid: 80~90Wh/L
Lithium-ion: 250~670Wh/L
Diesel: 8000Wh/L
Methanol: 7700Wh/L

Diesel ICE Efficiency: 30%
DMFC Efficiency: Up to 80%

Stop charging, keep working.

Quick to Refuel

The advancement
of lithium-ion
technology has shortened
battery charge time
from 7-8 hours to 4.

We call and raise it to mere minutes.

Reclaimed Space

Is your precious warehouse space being wasted
by spare batteries constantly charging, exchange stations, and redundant vehicles?
Reclaim the wasted space for more logistical efficiency.

Protect you and your family

No leaking battery gases/acids.
No toxic emissions from diesel ICE.
No complementary environmental issues
(i.e., fossil fuel power station)
with mass charging of lithium ion batteries.
Our fuel cell releases fresher air
than it breathes.

The OPEX Logic of Gaoncell

All of these advantages mean two things:

  1. 1. Increased productivity
  2. 2. Lower operational costs

All battery powered forklifts lose considerable speed and power during a single cycle. Study them over the course of their lifecycle, they degrade in performance throughout until they eventually and inevitably stop. If they are working in an extreme environment such as a freezer tank, the disadvantages are tangible.

Our fuel cell maintain consistent power and full speed at all times throughout the entire shift and beyond.

The reclaimed operational space means utilising the productivity you never knew had. No downtime due to long charging hours mean utilising the productivity you never knew had. Labour designated to swapping batteries out can now specialise in other important business tasks. This means utilising the productivity you never knew had.

All of these changes, together with lower electricity bills at the end of the year, means Gaoncell can lower operational costs significantly.