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Arctic or extreme environment research need the most rugged, robust equipment.
And powering these devices are critical for the mission’s objective, success, and the survival of the crew.

Lithium ion batteries are the most common power source in these environments. However, they lose efficiency very quickly once exposed to freezing temperature, and the electrolyte that enables the battery has a freezing point of -40’C (-40’F).

With methanol’s freezing point of -97.6 C (-143.68 F), Gaoncell DMFC does not degrade in performance or efficiency regardless of operating temperature. Moreover, unlike lithium-ion, methanol can be produced much more ethically – by extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Due to fuel cell’s robust requirement, a highly advanced filtration system is needed. This means that our fuel cell effectively releases cleaner air than it sucks in.

Gaoncell fuel cell is the only power source that truly reverses climate change.

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