operational versatility

Our mil-spec fuel cell lines are designed from ground-up to fit for the most rigorous military specifications. Dust, extreme temperatures, humtidity, weather conditions do not alter continuous, clean, and stable operation of our fuel cells.

Use our portable lines to advance guard posts, or lengthen operation duration.

Put our powerpack at the back of a vehicle and effectively turn it into a mobile command centre. The versatility is limitless.

Doesn’t emit noise, doesn’t emit heat,
works for hours in any condition.
There is a significant advantage in your fuel cell.

S. J., Yeo, Ministry of Defense Director of Policy

PromGen DM 1000-M

Off-Grid power supply

Supply designed
for military application

Continuous Output

Tank versatility means year
of operation per a single refuel

PromGen DM 1000-M

PromGen DM 200-M(Comming Soon)

Portable power supply

Supply designed
for military application

Mil-spec assessment ready

Continuous Output

(Comming Soon)

Single largest
mobile energy provider

PromGen DM 200

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